Trust Our Vigilance

After completion of the construction process we can assist you as an experienced, expert, and reliable partner. The lifetime of these special, lightweight structures can be increased considerably if regular inspections are carried out and hazards are identified at the earliest stage before they cause real damage. To achieve this our maintenance business unit is always ready and available at your disposal.  

Take advantage of our decades of experience in the installation and the maintenance of lightweight structures when choosing a maintenance provider. Our maintenance business unit is reliable, efficient, accurate, and is available worldwide on the basis of 48 hours notice. Our IRATA-trained rope access teams, which do not require the use of scaffolding, can reach in a minimum of time even the most inaccessible areas of any building. This means trouble-free operation at a minimum cost and results in saving time and money both for you and for your customers.  Continuity is assured as you receive inspection, maintenance, and repairs from a single source – the same engineering resource that built your structure.