Concept Manifested

As we execute a project from start to finish, the installation phase completes the process combining operational simplicity with rigorous safety. The implementation of our designs and engineering is a cause for technical pride and others’ astonishment:  laying out and hydraulic lifting into place of large diameter, heavy cables, each weighing several tons, with millimetre accuracy. Anchoring of the cables provides a network that is completed by the in situ tensioning of the membrane panels into their final shape. All of these steps have to be planned accurately and then executed precisely – each step being a huge engineering challenge. A combination of material strength and innovative technology applied by intelligent engineering results in a project characterized by lightness, transparency and dynamism, which gives your building its individual and distinctive look.

Our highly motivated site team consists of experienced site managers, supervisors, and installation personnel skilled at working at height. We can assure you that each and every project is the focus of our engineering professionalism, demonstrating our commitment to high quality and exemplary accuracy, whilst ensuring dedicated adherence to tight time schedules and deadlines. Safety is our top priority during all phases of the final installation process. All our workers are regularly trained in awareness of safety standards and implementing them whilst climbing and working at height. Our high quality standards in operational safety are fully documented and independently controlled - the satisfaction of our many clients is an independent acknowledgement of our installation skills. You can always rely on our experienced teams - we are available for you anywhere, at any time.