Extentional design

Optimized to the Maximum

When dealing with lightweight structures it is crucially important to utilise the most appropriate engineering principles. Our engineers optimise all aspects of your structure to eliminate the superfluous. However, to ensure the desired load-bearing capacity, and the ease of serviceability, this process demands both technical know-how and great care in its implementation. We use our proprietary, sophisticated software for both the improvement and the calculation of the load-bearing capacity of the structure. In addition, we visualize and check calculations using 3D modeling, as well as building and testing prototype models of the envisaged structure.

Practical building experience gained from over 800 completed projects enable us to provide tailor-made planning for your project. We utilize a variety of available lightweight building materials including polymer membranes, composites, plastics, cables, aluminium alloys, formed steel components and steel castings. We test and check all materials, determine form and design, calculate static loads and membrane cutting patterns, thus developing individual building panels possessing optimal shape and functionality.