Design Support

The concept and design department are the wellspring of our creative ideas. Many of the concepts that we have developed internally have resulted in a significant contribution to general progress in the building of lightweight structures. We are also able to assist in the actualisation of your draft plans and design ideas. Our team consists of lateral thinking industrial designers, talented architects, and courageous engineers, all of whom possess the expertise to implement your designs and enable you to fulfill your vision of light, wide span, tensile, and pre-stressed structures. Rely upon our many years of worldwide experience to bring your project to fruition.  

We plan and visualize your ideas using both our first-rate drafting skills and sophisticated 3-D simulations. With the help of form finding and static stress software, we are able to provide you with definitive statements about strength, relative strength and the relevant dimensions at the earliest possible stage. We are a forward-looking organisation and aspire to achieve what has hitherto been impossible.