Lightweight Structures Worldwide

Hightex specialize in lightweight structures.

These are mainly tensile structures in the form of facades, roofs and building envelopes, which create stunning architecture with minimal use of material. Our project portfolio captures the elegance and beauty of the wide range of projects that Hightex and the procedessor companies  has completed in recent decades.

All are characterized by lightness, brightness, and produce an overwhelmingly positive aesthetic response from onlookers.

Hightex offers a complete range of business activities from support in initial planning right up to the coordination of the final installation of the structure.

This seamless range provides a single interface between you, the client, and ourselves during project execution. Moreover, it enables us to work both as a reliable and a highly efficient partner. Hightex draws upon its global experience of over 800 completed projects, each meeting the highest standards of quality.

Our range of services includes coordination and input in concept and design planning, coordination of membrane-construction-engineering, of fabrication and  installation, and maintenance after realziation of the project.

All services are executed according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard so as to ensure the highest quality is achieved at each stage of the total process. This standard is regularly checked and certified by TÜV SÜD.