Building with wood has a long tradition. Wood is very stable and can be applied in particularly flexible ways. The "Multihalle" at Mannheim, Germany - completed in 1975 and now under monumental protection, is an outstanding example for lightness and elegance of wooden buildings, when it comes to roofing over large areas. Amongst other factors, this iconic building was made possible through the cooperation with Hightex. The roof area of 9.500 square meters was covered with fabric covered with PVC. The hall was planned as a temporary building for the duration of the National Garden Show 1975.

Until today, the building is still intact and remains the largest structure based on wood-grid shell worldwide. The roof construction of the Olympic Bicycle-Hall on the premises of the Olympic Park in Munich was also realized with membranes on wood and was planned in cooperation with Hightex. "Wood as primary supporting structure must be protected thoroughly.

In the recent past, an increase in projects planned with wooden structures can be noticed. Membranes underline the special character of wood and, through its lightness and weather resistance, it is the perfect partner when it comes to covering large suffices such as shopping malls, stadiums or sports halls", Hightex founder Klaus-Michael Koch explains. At the EXPO 2000 in Hannover, the expertise of Hightex was demanded: the surface of the EXPO-roof was 16.000 square meters large and made of multiple, individual umbrellas on a wooden structure - protected from weather by an at the time newly developed, fully recyclable membrane.