Wire Technology

Membrane constructions harmonize with rope or cable structures in very special ways. Projects in surprising dimensions can be realized in aesthetically challenging ways.

Hightex offers solutions for even the biggest span widths from planning through material consulting to installation, which is carried out by our highly specialized installation team - with help of equipment which was developed by Hightex especially for rope construction.

Cable Clamps

Cable clamps are used as a connection between two or more ropes. They are special components that need to be specifically designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements and conditions of each structure. Our experienced engineering team precisely adapts the clamps to the rope so as to meet the highest quality, technical and architectural requirements.

Planning and Installation

To achieve the maximum accuracy when assembling a cable tension section, we calculate rope creep. The installation of the cable structure is carried out by our specialist teams using cable structure equipment that prior to installation is specially developed for each installation.

Open Spiral Ropes

Open spiral ropes (DIN EN 12385-10) are made of several layers of round strands. The strands are made of galvanised (Zn/Al) steel, or stainless steel wires. The different types of rope-end fittings are usually pressed on to the spiral ropes.

Fully Locked Cables

Fully locked cables (DIN EN 12385-10) are spiral cables, which are surrounded by several layers of galvanised steel wires. The Z- shaped cross section of the wires provides a smooth, continuous surface, thus preventing the entry of water and other environmental contaminants. The rope end fittings are in cast form.