PTFE Fabric

Radiant beauty


Unlike other architectural fabrics made from PVC or coated fiberglass, PTFE coated PTFE fabric is 100 percent fluoropolymer. This high-strength PTFE fabric is coated with a flexible fluoropolymer rendering the entire composite waterproof and weldable. 

Because it stands up to repeated flexing and folding, the PTFE fabric is perfect for both retractable and non-retractable permanent structures as a load bearing architectural element. The double coated technology produces a fabric with high light transmission, great flexibility and long life.

Environmental compatibility

The PTFE fabris is extremly durable. This performance influences the ecological balance of that product positively. Since the PTFE fabric is 100 percent fluoropolymer and does not degrade during its useful life, it can be reprocessed and used in other applications. The material manufacturers guarantee a return and recycling of the material.


PTFE fabrics are joined by using appropriate cutting and thermal impulse welding processes. Our latest machinery and our decades of manufacturing know-how guarantee reliable production of high strength and durability of welds with precise accuracy.

Construction Method

PTFE fabric is used as roofing, cladding and building envelope constructions with unlimited design possibilities. In the process, the membrane is mechanically prestressed single-, in some cases multi-layered. As a woven textile PTFE fabric folds and drapes in smooth, making it particularly well-suited for permanent retractable structures.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Compared to conventional roofs and facades the maintenance requirements of the material is extremely low. Inspections are primarily used to locate damage caused by mechanical effects in order to prevent possible damage. The superior anti-adhesive properties of the coating produce a self-cleaning effect, which repels dirt accumulating. Thus cleaning is generally not necessary.

Futher information

For more information on PTFE fabric please contact us - we will help you as a competent partner. You can get further information in the literature we have compiled here.


Due to their extremly strong carbon/fluorine bonds, fluorpolymers have unique properties: excellent chemical resistance and high resistance against extreme temperatures and UV radiation. These properties make fluoropolymer-based products extremly durable with service lives up to 20 years.

Fire class

The material is fire-proofed. The material withstands high temperatures without losing its strength. Depending on the type of material mostly PTFE fabric is classified B1 according to DIN 4102.

Photometric properties

PTFE fabrics helps create breathtaking designs, capturing and filtering more natural light than other membranes, making it ideal for outdoor projects in any climate. The material is available in varying ranges of light transmission, with a standard value of 15%.

Thermal insulation

Though multilayered membrane structures, excellent thermal properties can be achieved by trapping air and / or the insertion of insulation materials that meet the requirements of high thermal insulation building shells. Recommended are translucent nonwoven materials in order to obtain the light transmission properties of the membrane material as far as possible.


Due to the outstanding material properties a warranty up to 10 years can be granted, depending on the project.