High Performance


Coated/ laminated mesh is constructed from of high-strength carrier nets. These wide-meshed support-structures can be sealed completely with laminate. Thus creating membranes with light transmission of up to 65%. These so called mesh-laminates are both wind and waterproof. Coatings can also protect the support structure with the mesh remaining open. Mesh are used so that structures can benefit from their acoustic enhancing properties. In addition, they can be used as sunscreens or suspended ceilings.

The following paragraphs provide an overview about mesh- materials that are used in our structures.

PVC-coated Polyester Mesh

Fabric Polyester mesh fabrics can be coated with PVC with the mesh size as well as colour being dictated by the demands of each project. The flexibility is relatively reduced compared to other  membranes, and is also kink-resistant, and for these reasons the span distances are somewhat lower.

Further Information

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PTFE-laminated Fibreglass Mesh

PTFE laminated mesh is our most used material, and is characterized by its UV resistance, its resistance to chemical attack and extended lifetime of use. The wide-meshed nets are sealed and protected by PTFE- foil, thus giving a desirable combination of high strength and high light transmission.

PTFE-coated Fibreglass Mesh

PTFE coated glass fabric meshes are standard materials of choice for when an open mesh material is required. It meets the highest standards of strength, resistance, durability, non-flammability (A2/DIN 1402) and allows for the construction of facades and roof structures of stunning appearance. Their acoustic enhancing and sun protection properties can also be utilised.