The properties of membranes allow nearly unlimited possibilities for the realization of building projects.

Thanks to its low weight, its flexibility and translucency, large areas can be spanned or coated and thus exceptional constructions can be built. Long since, membrane material offers application possibilities far beyond protective functions. The combined application of multiple material layers enables solutions on highest standards regarding thermals and acoustics.

It also ensures sound insulation as well as the implementation of challenging requirements such as cooling or heating functions. Modern membrane material can be printed with motives or even designed in individual colors. For the success of a project, the right choice of material is crucial. Including membrane specialists at an early stage of the project or even during the planning phase ensures that all advantages of a membrane regarding costs, longevity and maintenance intensity can be used to its fullest extent.


Thanks to membranes, there are almost limitless possibilities for design in building.

Through the use of modern textile material, architecture today can achieve much more than building a classical circus tent. Rather, whole landscapes of roofs and facades become reality.

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In between the classical construction methods with wood, concrete, glass and steal, membrane structures now have a place of equal importance. In interaction with the other materials, membranes enable construction of elegant lightness and large spans.

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