Hightex is proud to have established a creative, highly experienced and efficient team over the past years. Currently, our reference list consists many membrane structure projects around the world – of all sizes and degrees of difficulty.

Renowned international architects and engineers have utilised the experience from Hightex and also from the predecessor companies to successfully complete their prestigious projects around the world.

The Hightex team today unites all competencies needed for a professional and efficient implementation of the forward-looking projects. Each individual team member possesses an impressive level of education, experience, dedication and team spirit.

Based on unique project requirements, Hightex will form a project team that ensures the perfect and smooth conversion from design to fabrication and construction phase. From project start to execution the team will ensure that the project progresses in a seamlessly structured manner.

Andrey Stolyarov

Managing Director

Olga Hofer

Managing Director

Anastasia Belyaeva

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Adam Mandrysz

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Marcus Wieland

Maintenance Manager